Schwalbe British 4X Series Round 2 & 3

Rounds 2 and 3 of the 2023 Schwalbe British 4X Series took place in Falmouth, Cornwall last weekend. After a great start to the season in 4X and BMX, team rider Scott Beaumont, was feeling good and he was looking for another couple of podiums.

A strong 5th last week at 4X ProTour in Germany was seriously impressive and coming into this weekend he wanted to continue this form.

Arriving on Friday Scott began his weekend with a practice session on the track. Over the years this track has been very good to Scott and straight away he looked comfortable.

Saturday – Round 2:

The weather was perfect and Scott was clearly in the mood. A good practice session and some gates that looked perfect and he was ready to race.

In his 3 qualifying races, he took the holeshot in two of them and simply checked out. In the other moto he made a big mistake on the start straight and finished 3rd. He was looking good and focused for the semi final. In the semi final he chose gate 2. Again made a great start but got squeezed on the first turn. He went on to finish 2nd and sealed his final place.

Onto the final. He chose gate 3. The beeps went and Scott fired out of the gate. Into turn 1 it was tight but Scott got shuffled back to 3rd. Then he moved to 2nd, back to 3rd and then into 2nd again. He set off in pursuit but across the finish line it was close, but Scott finished 2nd.

Sunday – Round 6:

Sunday and again we woke to blue skies and a perfect day for racing. The track had a few changes for Sundays race which would really spice up the racing. 

The same format for Sunday with 3 qualifying races to start the day. Scott was leading his first moto but made a huge mistake and crashed out. He remounted to finish 3rd. He then went on to win his next 2 races comfortably.

In the semi final Scott made a good gate but got pushed wide in turn 1. He slotted into 2nd but then slipped back to 3rd. On the pro line straight, Scott powered back into 2nd. In the final turn things got tight again and across the finish line it was a photo finish, but Scott just got the nod, to finish 2nd and move to the final.

Into the final and Scott chose gate 3.His strategy was to lead from the start, but if he didn’t to dive inside in turn 1. He made a good gate and powered down the first straight. But then a veteran move, he braked and dived inside. He moved into 2nd and then the lead, but then was repassed. He sat in 2nd and tailed all the way to the finish line but couldn’t make a pass. It was 2nd again for Scott.

“I felt great on the bike all weekend and I am always happy to land on the podium. We took some good points this weekend as we focus on the overall title. Now it’s home and a quick turnaround as we head to Czech Republic for round 2 of the 2023 4X ProTour next weekend.”

The teams next event will be round 2 of the 2023 4X ProTour in Dobrany, Czech Republic on Saturday 3rd June.

Thank you again to all our sponsors for your support in 2023.

4X ProTour 2023 – Round 1: Winterberg, Germany

The first round of the 2023 4X ProTour took place at Winterberg in Germany at the huge IXS Dirtmasters festival on Saturday. With huge crowds watching all weekend, this festival is certainly one of the biggest events in Europe and its amazing to have 4X ProTour there. The 4X track has undergone a complete transformation so we were excited to get there and get racing.

Scott had worked with the organiser on the track improvements and they had come up with a totally new layout. During first practice the riders were excited about the changes. Much more open than previous years meant that passing was going to be easier and the crowds would certainly be entertained.

during round 1 of The 2023 4X Pro Tour at Winterberg, , Rheine, Germany on May 18 2023. Photo: Charles A Robertson

Practice on Friday went well. Scott had the track dialled and looked good. The weather forecast was great all weekend and the track was dry.

Qualifying and the race took place on Saturday, so riders had to be ready for a full day of action. Seeded number 2 into this event, after his 2nd overall in the 2023 4X ProTour, Scott exploded out of the gate seeking the fastest time. The gate dropped and Scott smashed a great run, hitting all his lines. He crossed the finish line with the fastest time to that point. Unfortunately Tomas Slavik, the 2022 4X ProTour Champion was able to just beat Scott’s time. However. The team were happy and Scott went into racing with the 2nd fastest time of the day. He was happy and felt good going into racing.

With a practice session before the race, Scott decided to change his gearing to help make a better start. It was going to be crucial, so he rolled the dice.

Racing went well for Scott winning his early heats and moving through to the quarter finals. In the quarter final Scott made another good start and led that race too from start to finish. 

In the semi final Scott chose gate 2. He made a good start but after a bump got squeezed on the first straight. Into turn 1 he was battling extremely hard but was on the outside and had to hit the brakes before going through the tape. With ground to make up he set off in pursuit. Catching up to 2nd place, Scott made his move and dived into 2nd. It was a great pass, but then in the final turn he got passed back. It was the race of the day, but unfortunately Scott was into the small final to determine the 5th to 8th place riders. Scott wanted that 5th place and final spot on the podium!

The gate dropped and Scott was on point. Taking the holeshot, Scott didn’t look back, checking out and taking the win. Another good result for Scott landing on the podium. His speed was incredible all day and with the next 4X ProTour in only 2 weeks away, we are confident of a great year ahead.

In the finish area Scott said: 

“That was a good day. The first straight is super technical and quite narrow. I battled hard in that semi final and I’m gutted to not have made the final, but coming back to win the small final feels good and it’s a podium to start the year. The goal all year is top 5’s so that we can chase the overall World title. We are on course.”

Thank you to all our team partners for your support in 2023.

during round 1 of The 2023 4X Pro Tour at Winterberg, , Rheine, Germany on May 20 2023. Photo: Charles A Robertson

Schwalbe British 4X Series Round 1: Chicksands

After the long winter break, our 2023 4X season fired back into action with round 1 of the Schwalbe British 4X Series which was held at Chicksands in Bedfordshire on Sunday.

After filming a course preview film at the track on Thursday, Scott was immediately looking fast on the track and certainly looked like he had the pace to be at the sharp end in racing.

For the elites, the start was going to be absolutely vital with the ‘S’ bend at the top of the track where all the remaining action would take place. Britain’s fastest riders, all still bunched together head into these turns trying to out brake each other. Sometimes it works and sometimes it all unleashes!

In the motos Scott took a win and two second places which he was fairly happy about. He led races, was passed and crucially made some great passes himself on this tight and technical track. He also made a huge mistake whilst leading the second moto where he nearly crashed but saved it!

Into the semi final as the top seed in his race, Scott took gate one on the inside. Making a perfect gate, Scott led the race into turn one, but heading into the S bends, another rider got inside and Scott had to ride the outside berm. He then got immediately shuffled back to 4th and the race went from perfect to a disaster in 2 seconds straight. 

Unfortunately he did not make the main final. However. In 4X there is a small final to determine 5th to 8th positions and to award the final step of the 5 rider podium.

In the small final, Scott took gate 2 to give himself a bit more space. He made a great start and rode his best lap of the day, taking the win, 5th on the day and the final step on the podium. 

‘Today has been great. It’s been a long winter and it feels great to get started with 2023 4X season. Although I didn’t take the win today, there are a lot of positives to take away. My track speed was really good, and it has been a good start to the year. It was awesome to see so many riders racing 4X in the UK and I’m excited to celebrate 20 years of British 4X all year’ Said Scott at the finish line.

The podiums were held immediately after the finals.

Round 2 will take place at Fly Up 417 in Gloucestershire on Sunday May 7th. See you all there.

Thank you to all our partners for the 2023 season. It’s going to be a great year.