4X ProTour Round 4 – JBC, Czech Republic

 The 2023 4X ProTour finals took place in Jablonec, Czech Republic at the weekend. After a strong season, Scott Beaumont was in mathematical contention to win the overall title. Arriving in 3rd overall in the points, we were confident and focused on the task ahead.

Historically this track hasn’t been the best for Scott. He was looking to maintain his good form recently though to finally get the result he wanted at JBC bikepark.

The track is in his arch rival, Tomas Slavik’s hometown of Jablonec in Northern Czech Republic. It is the toughest track on the circuit with the biggest jumps, forest section, rocks, wall rides and rhythm sections. It has it all and it is also the longest track so it is extremely physical.

Unofficial practice during round 4 of The 2023 4X Pro Tour at JBC Revelations, Jablonec Nad Nisou, Liberec, Czech Republic on July 11 2023. Photo: Charles A Robertson

Practice began on Thursday and it was in perfect condition. With immaculate track preparation ahead of the race, everything was ready to go. However, it was a disaster for Scott. On his first lap in the rock section, his bike got bucked and he went over the bars. It was a violent crash and he suffered a bad gash on his knee, but also a light concussion. He tried to roll down the hill a couple more times just to get into the track, but his vision was blurred and he was shaking. After a couple of runs, the team pulled the plug and stopped Scott from going back up the hill.

On Friday the weather again was perfect. Thankfully Scott had rested up and he was feeling much better. We were extremely thankful for his Bell Full 10 carbon helmet which absolutely took the main impact away from Scott’s head and allowed him to continue. After a couple of rolls down the track, Scott picked up the pace and he was looking comfortable.

Scott was seeded 3rd, so he qualified at the end of the session. He rode a good lap, and crossed the finish line happy with his run. With all things considered, 9th was a great performance. It also gave him vital points in his quest to end the season in the top 5 and on the podium.

“I made a great start and rode all the lines well. I pushed where I felt comfortable. I’m happy to qualify” said Scott in the finish area.

Saturday 15th July – Race Day:

Race day and tit was the hottest day of the week. 34 degrees and not a cloud in the sky. There was a short practice session for the riders before the opening ceremonies. 

First up at 18.00, there was a new documentary film launched showing Anna Slancova’s progress over the last year after she was unfortunately left paralysed after her crash in Val Di Sole last year. The top10 riders brought Anna on to the stage and launched the new fundraising push to help her rehab.

Afterwards, the top 10 riders were introduced to the huge crowds. Scott, with his 3rd overall World ranking set off down the hill to huge cheers from the crowd. The commentators were building him up as the legend of 4X!

After the intros were done, the Red Bull air race planes took over and simply wowed the crowds with an incredible display over the hillside.

Before racing started, the top riders were introduced to the huge crowds with a backdrop of dancers and flames flying in the air. It was an awesome start to the event. Then an acrobatic plane flew overhead and the crowds were going wild!

Onto the racing. In Scott’s first race, he took gate 2. With a great start he took the lead into turn1 but then got shuffled back to 2nd in turn 2. He rode a great lap and qualified comfortably in 2nd.

In the quarter finals tracing got very serious. Scott had the 3rd pick on the gate and he took gate 3. In this race, Tomas Slavik (World Number 1) took gate 1, Tomas Brozik (World Number 4) in gate 2, Scott (World Number 3) gate 3 and Thomas Kral (World Number 8) in 4. 

Making a great start, he opted to stay wide into turn 1. He dived inside but after a couple of bumps, he was left a way behind in 4th. He started the catch up! Chasing down the riders in front. Through the rocks he dived inside and snatched 3rd. In the final 2 corners he was gaining and across the line he missed 2nd by 0.2 seconds. It was a great effort but unfortunately his night ended there with an overall position of 9th for the evening.

A cruel way to end the night but as Scott said in the finish:

“I would have done exactly the same thing. I was excited for the move in turn 1 but it just didn’t work out. I rode a great lap and that pass through the rocks felt great. That’s racing and it was fun out there. Over 10,000 spectators just saw 4X in it’s finest light’.

As the finals unfolded things went well for Scott. When the overall results were published, Scott had done enough to finish 3rd overall in he 2023 4X ProTour. It was an amazing achievement and we are so proud of what he has achieved.

Now the team are heading home to prepare for the next 2 rounds of Schwalbe British 4X Series in 2 weeks time which is then followed by the big one. The 2023 BMX World Championships in Glasgow, UK. 

To say we are excited about it is an understatement. Lets see what comes in the next couple of weeks.