British BMX Series Round 6: Gosport, UK

Round 6 of the 2021 HSBC British BMX Series took place during the weekend in Gosport, Dorset. 

We arrived at 23.00 on Saturday night after a 20 hour drive across Europe from Val Di Sole in Italy where Scott raced 4X ProTour on Friday evening. On Sunday morning we signed on and got plenty of practice time to get used to the track. All things considered: a haematoma on his leg, 20 hours of driving and hardly any sleep this weekend, Scott looked great out there.

In the BMX National Series it is your top 5 results that count towards the overall title. Scott had t race this event to make sure he qualified for the overall.

Sunday: Round 6

In BMX riders have 3 qualifying races – called motos which qualify riders through to the knockout stages of quarter finals, semi finals and then the final.

Scott’s day got off to the good start, taking third in his first moto. In the second race he finished second and in his final moto he finished fourth.

Qualifying through to the final as the fourth seed, the team were more than happy with that. The plan had been to make the final. He had done that with ease.

Scott was able to chose gate 3 in the middle of the track. Here a great start is vital. Making a decent jump he was banging baes down the first straight. Things got very tight, and Scott exited turn 1 in 5th. He made up time catching the riders in front. Across the line it was close but Scott had to settle for 5th.

“I am really happy with today. I gave it my all and today it wasn’t quite enough to take the win. I got bumped in the final but it was good, hard racing and thats what I’m here for.” said Scott in the finish area.”5th is great points towards the overall and it’s always good to come away injury free. Now we can focus on the next 4X ProTour in Czech Republic.”

It has been an incredible week for Scott, taking 2 wins at Schwalbe British 4X Series last weekend, 4th at 4X ProTour on Friday night and 5th today at British BMX Series.

The team now has a weekend off before round 4 of the 4X ProTour which will take place at JBC Bikepark in Czech Republic on 15th July. This is the biggest international race of the year and Scott is throwing everything he has at trying to land on the podium.

Many thanks to all our team partners for your support.