USN Racing 2019 – HSBC BMX National Series Round 9 & 10

Scott Beaumont:
HSBC British BMX Series Round 9 – 6th
HSBC British BMX Series Round 10 – 2nd

Quite a strange race report to write as just a week after a big crash at the 2019 4X National Championships, Scott was back racing again. Most disagreed with this idea, but Scott wanted to get another race in before the 2019 BMX World Championships in just 3 weeks time.

Scott is still in a lot of pain and his back is still not fixed. We were all aware that racing this weekend was going to be tough, however Scott felt that racing would help his recovery.

We arrived at the Glasgow on Friday and what a venue it is. Home to the 2023 BMX World Championships, the track is huge. Big jumps, massive corners and long straights. On a normal weekend this track would have been perfect, but this was not a normal weekend.

There was a short practice session on Friday evening and Scott enjoyed getting to grips with the track. Thankfully the forecast rain stayed away and we were all set for the weekend.

Round 9:

Round 9 on Saturday began with a short practice session and then 3 qualifying races. In his qualifying races Scott finished 3rd, 1st and 2nd which he was very happy with. The main problem however was that he simply could not start. The pain in his lower back from last weeks crash was really causing him problems.

In the final he chose gate 5 hoping to give himself a little bit of space so that he could concentrate on his own race. The gate dropped and Scott just could not pedal. He pulled up down the start hill and rolled around to take 6th.

Afterwards he said:

“I made the start and it was just too painful to pedal. I’m gutted because I know on a normal day I could have won this race. But this is not a normal day and we have to keep working to be ready for World Championships. Tomorrow is a fresh day and tonight we will work on my back to try again.”

A night of ice, heat patches and rest to prepare for Sunday.

Round 10:

Sunday and again it was blue skies and perfect conditions. Again there was a short practice session before the three qualifying races. Scott was clearly struggling as he wasn’t jumping all the jumps during practice. He came back to the Dethleffs team truck and immediately started his stretching routine to try and release the tension in his back.He went out for the first race and actually felt a little better. He rode well and finished 2nd. He then backed it up with 3rd and 2nd in his other 2 races to qualify for the final.


In the final he had a complete change of plan and elected for gate 8 – the outside. A brave move normally but on this occasion a vital one. Due to his back damage he can’t accelerate very well due to the intense pressures on his lower back but once up to speed the pain reduces. So he elected for gate 8 so he could come out of the gate and then have the space to get going and hopefully put a good lap in.

The gate dropped and Scott was in the hunt. Once he wound the gearing up he really started charging on the first straight and into turn 1 he sat 3rd. Then on the next straight he positioned himself perfectly and made his move into 2nd in turn 2. From there he sat on the leader back wheel, unable to make the pass but crossing the finish line he was very happy with the race.

“You know, I shouldn’t even be here. I have been in agony all weekend but I believe that it has been the right thing to do. The BMX and 4X World Championships are just a few weeks away and we have to push hard now. I want to thank Stefaan Vossen at Core Clinics as he is the reason I have made it onto the start today. We gained vital points and I’m hoping now we can get a good season result in the BMX National Series. Now we have a week and a half to continue working and to get my back better. My speed is there. I just need to be able to gate. We will do everything and I’ll be ready.”

Images – Sandra Smith