Race Report: 2021 Schwalbe British 4X Series Rounds 1&2 – Harthill, Cheshire.

29th May 2021, we finally went back to National racing here in the UK. Rounds 1 and 2 of the Schwalbe British 4X Series took place at Harthill in Cheshire. With plenty of new faces joining the established 4X crowd, this was one of the best British 4X races ever. The vibe was great and the scene was set to get back to our great sport.

Saturday: Round 1

Scott had a great practice and felt really good on the track. The surface is really sandy and with the warm weather at the end of last week, the conditions were perfect.

Into the motos and Scott got back to work; winning all 3 of his qualifying races and he looked fast, pulling big leads in each race.

The semi final was next and Scott took the inside gate position. With a textbook start, Scott took the lead and did not look back, winning the race and booking his spot in the final.

In the final, again Scott chose gate 1. With a perfect start, Boom Boom took the lead and was flying. Lower down on the track, Scott drifted a bit wide on the stall wall which tightened things up. Into the final corner and the rider in second made the slingshot move from high to low, cutting Scott off on the final jump. There was only a couple of inches in it, but Scott finished 2nd. It was close to a perfect day but we were happy.

“It’s been a great day, winning everything to the final. I didn’t make any big mistakes but it was a situation where being in 2nd into the final turn may have been the best place to be in that situation!?!? Of course I’m gutted to not win but what a great race for 4X fans. This is why we love this sport.” Said Scott at the finish line.

Even though Scott finished 2nd in the final, Scott ended round 1 with the overall points lead.

Sunday: Round 2

Day 2 and Scott was feeling good, excited to chase the win. After a great practice we were all ready to go.

The motos began and Scott was in gate 2. Making a decent gate, Scott was battling all the way down the 1st straight, banging bars as they hustled for the lead. Into turn 1 Scott broke free and was leading until disaster struck. The rider on the inside did not brake and lost control as he was so desperate to lead the race. That rider then crashed and took Scott out at the same time. Scott was thrown from his bike and landed on his head. He had an immediate headache and was dizzy, so the medics who were first to him deemed him to have been unconscious. 

Returning back to the team tent, Scott underwent a concussion protocol test with the same medics and was unfortunately deemed unfit to race. His day was over.

A real unfortunate end to what was looking like a great weekend for the team.

The next round of Schwalbe British 4X will take place at Falmouth in Cornwall on 3rd & 4th July.

Our next race will take place in 2 weeks when the HSBC British BMX Series starts again at Cyclopark in Kent. Full report after that race.

Many thanks to all our team partners for your support.