Lloyds Bank British Cycling BMX National Series Rounds 5 & 6 – Cumbernauld, Scotland

Rounds 5 and 6 of the 2024 British Cycling BMX National Series took place at Cumbernauld in Scotland. An incredible facility for BMX at the side of a football stadium.

We arrived on Friday afternoon, parked the Adria motorhome, set the team tent up and then it was a couple of official practice sessions. The weather was, shall we say, breezy. However the show must go on and with a better forecast for the weekend, the team decided to utilise the Friday session to get used to the flow of the track. With a strong cross wind the session was simply about pumping around the track to lock in where the jumps were and look at some lines.

Saturday: Round 5

Saturday morning rolled around and it was time to get the show on the road. The weather was better. Cloudy, no rain and less wind – but still very windy!

In BMX riders have 3 qualifying races – called motos which qualify riders through to the knockout stages of quarter finals, semi finals and then the final.

Scott’s day got off to a good start, finishing 2nd in moto 1. His speed was on point and he looked strong. In the second race he finished 2nd again, leading the race from start but overtaken in turn 1. In his final moto he had a nightmare, wheels-inning on the start gate and starting last. He worked his way back to 4th which was good, but the day up to this point was certainly challenging.

In the final, Scott took gate 4. Due to his qualifying positions he found himself wider than he wanted to be, but was determined to make it work. Making a great start Scott powered down the start, and went into turn 1 in 2nd. He hounded the leader all the way but just couldn’t make a pass and crossed the finish line in 2nd.

“I am happy with that race. It’s been a crazy day till now so to finish 2nd adds good points to my overall. I gave it my all and 2nd is all I had today. I have had a great day and it’s amazing to be racing in Cumbernauld again” said Scott in the finish area.

Sunday: Round 6

After some great food on Saturday night and a decent sleep in the team Adria Motorhome, it was time for round 6 on Sunday.

In the motos, Scott looked more on it. He finished 1st, 2nd and 1st in his motos and was able to progress to the final with the 2nd choice of gate.

In the final, with 2nd pick, Scott took gate 2. He made a great start and rocketed down the start straight. It was tight in turn 1 but he came out in 2nd. On the 2nd straight he drew up alongside the leader but couldn’t make the pass stick. Unfortunately losing some speed, he fell into the clutches of those behind him and on the last straight unfortunately slipped back to 3rd across the finish line.

“That was a tough day and not what we are here for. I am riding fast and feeling good but this weekend just hasn’t gone our way at all.”.

Many thanks to all our team partners for your support.

All photos by Tony Twist.