HSBC British Cycling BMX National Series Rounds 11 & 12

Last weekend USN Racing team has its final race of the domestic season in Huncote, Leicestershire. It was the final rounds of the 2018 HSBC British Cycling BMX National Series. This was the final two rounds of the twelve round series and vital for Scott to qualify for the 2019 UCI BMX World Championships in Belgium.

The weekend started with two days at the Cycle Show in Birmingham where Scott has a race bike and two helmets on display on the Silkolene, Bell and USE stands.

From there it was straight to Leicester for practice on Friday evening. Scott rode a few laps just to get the cycle show out of his legs, then it was back to the Dethleffs motorhome for dinner and an early night.

Saturday morning and Scott had three laps of practice to get dialled.

Into the qualifying motos and they were action packed from lap one. Leading from the start scott entered the final turn with a small lead but got a bump mid turn and slipped back to third. In the second Moto he got a bump in turn One and finished second and in the final Moto he ran a clean lap to take the win!

So onto the final. With all the bumping and banging, Scott decided to take an outside gate in the final so he could get a clean run on the start straight and carry good speed into turn one. The gate dropped and Scott made his best start of the day. There was a huge drag race to turn one and Scott almost got there but entered the turn level for the lead and got pushed wide. On the second straight Scott was in third but then made a clean move into second. From here he reeled in the gap but at the finish he couldn’t quite make it having to settle for second.

Onto Sunday and Scott was ready to end the season on a high. Dominating his motos Scott won all three races to give him the vital gate choice for the final. Going straight for gate one Scott wanted the holeshot. The gate dropped and Scott’s gate wasn’t perfect dropping down the start in fourth. With a powerful first straight though Scott fought into the lead in turn one. From there he rode a solid lap until the final straight. Still in the lead but it was tight. The last straight has 10 single jumps on it. Scotts line all day was to double manual the first eight then jump the last two. On his final manual he bumped the landing, lost a little speed then had to jump a little higher on the final jump. It was all it took as Scott crossed the line it was a photo finish. By just a couple of thousandths of a second Scott was just beaten at the finish and ended up second.

At the finish Scott said:
“It’s been a tough weekend with a lot of hard fought laps out there. But that’s the reason we are here racing – to improve my 4X speed and skills into 2019. The final today was my best lap of the weekend and although I lost the race on a photo finish I am stoked to end the year with a solid lap like that. Roll on 2019”.

It was an incredible year for Scott on his BMX. Competing in just six of the twelve round series series, Scott was able to finish up the year in fourth position overall in the National Series.

This has qualified Scott directly to the UCI BMX World Championships in 2019. Scott is daring to dream big about his chances on both 4X and BMX in 2019.

We want to thank all our team Partners and sponsors for their incredible help and support with the best parts and products throughout the 2018 season. We simply could not do this without you and Scott could not maintain the continuous results at the sharp end of all his races. Thank you.

See you all in 2019.

Images – Sandra Smith

2018 Schwalbe British 4X Series – Round 6 – Redhill

On Sunday 2nd September, round 6 of the 2018 Schwalbe British 4X Series took place at Redhill in Gloucestershire. The season finals were held on this iconic track and with the Overall Elite Men’s title still wide open, team rider Scott Beaumont had a mathematical chance of winning the title. Scott’s job was simple. He had to win every single race in the day and rely on others finishing in certain positions.

Scott had continued his training on from the National Championships two weeks ago so he was firing on all cylinders and ready to battle for the title.

A cornerstone of the British 4X Series for many years, Redhill is fast, flowing and always a favourite for riders and spectators. With fun jumps, high berms and split lines on the track, racing is always amazing and on Sunday it was no different.

Scott just did a small amount of practice on Sunday morning just to get ready for racing but also save a little energy for the big day ahead. The British 4X Series uses the moto system for qualification which means Scott would race 3 qualifying races against different riders to qualify through to the knockout rounds. The hope was he would race against his fellow title contenders, so he could hopefully take points from them and help his quest for the title.

Racing got underway at 12.30. Scott rode flawless and took 3 convincing wins in his motos – in the process beating all his title contenders. By the time the semi-finals rolled around, Scott was feeling confident. His track speed was very good, and gates were perfect.

In his semi-final he made a great gate and he stamped his authority on the race and took the win to book his place in the final. In his semi-final he managed to beat two of the title contenders and they both bowed out. That meant that Scott was now guaranteed either first or second in the overall title chase. In the second semi-final the team could not believe their eyes. The other title contender crossed the line in third and did not qualify to the final. This meant that whatever happened Scott had done enough to win the Championship!

Scott being Scott, he wanted to go out with a win and seal the title in the right way. Choosing gate one Scott was all set for the last national of the year. Saving his best till last, Scott made a perfect start and checked out. Laying down a perfect lap and pulling a big lead, Scott raced past the team pit area nodding and already celebrating before the finish line. Across the line he punched the air with delight as he had managed to do the unthinkable and seal up the 4X National Series Title.

“I could not be any happier. A perfect weekend doesn’t come along too often but we have been able to back up the perfect weekend in Falmouth with another one here in Redhill. I didn’t expect to win the overall title today, so I am absolutely stoked to have done it. Thank you to everyone for their support.”

It has been an incredible two weeks with Scott also becoming 4X National Champion, he now holds both domestic titles as well as topping the British Cycling National Rankings for 2018. It has been a perfect domestic year and we can’t thank our team partners enough for their support.

British BMX Series Round 9 and 10 – Gosport

A week after defending his 4X National Championship in Falmouth, Cornwall, it was back in the Dethleffs team truck and a drive down to Gosport on the South coast for rounds 9 and 10 of the 2018 British BMX Series.

It was back on the BMX bike as Scott attempts to qualify for the 2019 BMX World Championships in Zolder, Belgium next summer. After a strong 2 nationals at round 7 and 8 Scott was feeling confident.

Arriving on Friday the track looked fantastic. Big, technical straights with huge corners. Having never been to this track before Scott was excited to get out and have a play. On Friday evening there was an hour session that Scott made full use of getting the track dialled.

Saturday morning and it was blue skies. In his motos he took the win in his first race, third in his second race and second in his third race which would qualify him through as the second ranked rider.

In the final, with second gate choice Scott decided to move outside a little due to being rusty on the BMX again! He chose gate 4. The gate dropped and Scott was level into turn one but got a bump in there. Slipping back to sixth, Scott set off after the leaders. Railing turn two he closed the gap and moved into fourth. On the last straight he made more ground up but just missed out on third, finishing in fourth. Still some great points on the board towards World’s qualification.

Sunday morning and all the weather forecasts were correct. Torrential rain and strong winds. It really was horrible out there.

In his first moto Scott made an uncharacteristic mistake sliding in the first turn and nearly crashing. Understandable with how wet the track was. He re grouped quickly and set off from the back. By the finish line he was able to salvage fifth position which was a great result considering the mess he was in through turn one.

Due to the deteriorating conditions, a decision was made to cut the normal three moto format down to just two motos. So it was all to play for and Scott now needed at least a third to qualify. With a strong start and first straight Scott entered turn one in second. He played a smart race on the slippery track and settled into a strong second place for the lap. This qualified him comfortably through to the final.

In the final he took gate six. It turned out to be a wise choice. He focused on a strong first straight and stayed out of trouble. He flew into turn one in second and rode well all the way to the finish holding onto second. In the finish area Scott said:

“That was one of the toughest races I’ve ever competed in. It was like I was a passenger on the bike with little control. I pumped every jump and didn’t leave the ground once but it was the right choice. I am stoked with second.”

The team now returns back to 4X duties with the final round of the 2018 Schwalbe British 4X Series taking place next Sunday – 2nd September. Scott has a mathematical chance of winning the overall title. Due to having to miss two previous rounds of the series due to other race commitments, it is amazing that he is in contention. It is a very slim chance and will rely on other results going his way too, but whilst there is a chance we will be fighting.

Images – Sandra Smith

2018 Schwalbe British 4X Series – Round 5 – Falmouth

On Sunday 19th August, round 5 of the 2018 Schwalbe British 4X Series took place at Falmouth in Cornwall. Just a day after the National Championships, riders were well up to speed and this race looked like being a very tough day for all the elite riders with any one of them being capable of winning.

Scott just did a small amount of practice just to get ready for racing but also save a little energy for the big day ahead. The British 4X Series uses the moto system for qualification which means Scott would race 3 qualifying races against different riders to qualify through to the knockout rounds.

A slightly earlier start saw riders lining up at 11.00 to get the racing underway. Scott rode flawless and took 3 convincing wins in his motos. By the time the semi finals rolled around, again, like the previous day any of the remaining 8 riders had a chance of winning. Scott took the inside position again. With another perfect start he stamped his authority on the race and took the win to book his place in the final.

So, it was final time. Scott again took gate 1. Without doubt, saving his best until last, Scott rocketed out of the start and completely checked out. It was a flawless ride and Scott took the win leading from start to finish.

It was a perfect weekend with Scott winning qualifying on Saturday for National Championships, then every race he was in during the two days. It was an incredible performance and one that puts him back in the Series title chase:

“I could not be any happier. A perfect weekend doesn’t come along too often but we were able to do it here in Falmouth. After crashing out at round 2 then having to miss rounds 3 and 4 I am stoked that with this haul of points this weekend I have a chance at taking the overall series title in 2 weeks at the Series finals. It’s gonna be tough, but whilst I have a mathematical chance we will be giving it 100%.”

The Schwalbe British 4X Series finals will be taking place at Redhill in Gloucestershire on Sunday 2nd September.