British BMX Series Rounds 11 & 12 – Telford

What a fantastic weekend of racing in Telford for rounds 11 and 12 of the British BMX Series. The weather was dry all weekend however on Sunday the wind really became a factor with gales overnight causing havoc in the team area with tents ripped from their pegs. However, it stayed warm and dry all weekend and the track was amazing.

Practice was on Friday night and Scott was feeling great. This is Scott’s home track and he was having fun. The track was perfect and everything was set for a great weekend of racing.



Saturday morning arrived and Scott was able to get 4 laps of practice ahead of the racing which began at 12. Feeling great in his mottos Scott took 3 wins and transferred as the top qualifier through to the final.


In the final Scott took the favoured gate 1. He made the snap and led the race into turn 1. Michael Smart then cut back in turn 1 and the pair were level along the second straight. Scott then inched ahead into turn 2 to lead again but Smart cut back and they were level again on the third straight. In the last turn they both railed it at warp speed and onto the last straight they were level again. Across the finish line no one knew who won. It was a photo finish but by half an inch Smart took the win with Scott in second. It was the race of the day if not the weekend!





Sunday rolled around and so did the wind! Gale force gusts were making riding tricky, but again Scott was looking fairly comfortable and ready to race. In his motos Scott again took 3 wins. A good psychological win in his second race as he went head to head with Smart again and in an almost identical re run of Saturdays final, the pair needed to separated by a photo finish again! This time Scott taking the win.

Onto the semi finals and Scott took gate 1. With a great start Scott led the race from start to finish to book his place in the final.

So it was final time. Scott again chose gate 1. Making a perfect gate Scott led into turn 1. This time he moved a little wider and held a great line in turn 1 carrying full speed onto the second straight. Already with a small lead Scott was hitting the jumps and turns perfect and continued to build his lead the whole way around the track. Crossing the finish line, Scott took the win.

Immediately after the final Scott said: ‘This has been a great weekend. The Telford club have organised an amazing race and I am stoked to have been able to race at this home track. I am really happy with my riding over the weekend. Michael Smart has been a great opponent all weekend and it was great to show everyone some amazing battles on the track with not one bit of contact. That’s how it should be and I look forward to battling Michael again in 2017.’


Images by 2024 Magazine