2021 UCI 4X World Championships – Val Di Sole, Italy.

On Friday 27th August, Scott Beaumont lined up on the gate in Val Di Sole, Italy for the 2021 4X World Championships.

It is the 28th time that Scott has represented his country in the World Championships. 8 times in BMX and 19 times in Mountain Bike. It’s an incredible record and one that Scott is not ready to call time on yet.

Riding as well as he ever has, Scott was here to win. 

The week started with a drive over to Italy in the new Dethleffs team truck. Arriving on Monday, the team set up the team area and then went to check out the track. With a few great changes, it looked amazing and Scott was excited to have a ride. Having a steady play, immediately Scott looked comfortable, having fun and jumping everything! Clearly he was in the mood for a good week…….

Thursday rolled around and it was qualifying day. Currently ranked number 1 in UCI World Rankings, Scott was first to start his single lap of the track. 4X is a brutal sport. Just a single lap determines the top 32 riders to qualify. If you crash, make a mistake or have a technical problem, your race is over before it has even started. It is a pressure cooker for the riders.

Scott was focused and as he left the start looked on point. Heading into the final corner, Scott clipped a rock and it bucked the bike up in the air. Scott was riding on his front wheel! Somehow, he saved it and was able to re group and finish his run. It was a disaster, but thankfully Scott did enough to finish 22nd. His split time placed him 2nd so we knew everything was fine and we were in the finals.

So after qualifying, it was time to look forward to racing on Friday night. With thousands of fans rolling into the venue to watch the World Championships, the sun set, floodlights came on and everything was ready.

After the first hour of practice Scott had his lines dialled. Passing places, and race plans were set. It was time for some gates. His first two looked on point. Really powerful and strong. Unfortunately it then went wrong. Lining up on gate 2, he made a good start but the rider on gate 4 made a great start. He then proceeded to cut across the front of Scott’s front wheel on the take off of the second jump. Scott crashed hard. Clearly in pain the medics were straight to him. It was his right elbow that was giving the most pain. Initially Scott got to his feet and walked off the track. However, soon afterwards, Scott was back on the ground and clearly something was wrong. It was then decided that he needed to be taken to the medical centre and a doctor needed to examine him because the pain was increasing.

With 50 minutes to go before racing, Scott was diagnosed with a dislocated elbow in the crash, but it had gone back in to the joint. As soon as Scott knew it wasn’t broken, Scott was straight back to the start. Most were stunned to see him back at the start! With a fresh helmet and spare bike prepared, Scott decided to ‘have a go’. He was extremely far from fit, but his mental drive and determination were all he needed in this moment. 

Scott lined up for his race and chose gate 4 on the outside – out of trouble and hopeful to just get going and let adrenaline take over. The gate dropped and Scott was predictably a little bit behind. He dived inside on turn 1 and then again on turn 2 and he briefly drew level with the riders in second and third, but on the third straight he clearly was in pain. To put it simply. Scott lost this race, but he won the respect of every rider, team and fan on that hillside. The commentator was going crazy telling the crowd what Scott had gone through in the last hour. Huge applause, chainsaws revving, horns and cheers all the way for Scott.

As ever, in the finish area, Scott was completely honest about his performance.

“It’s very hard to be happy with what has just happened. I am proud to have made it back on to the start gate, but I could just cry about the incident earlier. It was uncalled for and ultimately has cost me a shot at the World Championship. I am gutted, but, I suppose it could have been worse so for that I am thankful. In a week where so many bad things are happening in the World, I am able to walk away from this.

I’ll be back next year. I want this title so bad, we now go home, heal up and come back stronger.” 

Finally we want to thank all out team partners and sponsors. Without you this incredible performance would not have been possible. We have the best sponsors and an incredible presence at the events. 

We are forever thankful for the opportunities you give us and want to sincerely thank you all.