Race Report – 4X ProTour finals: Val Di Sole, Italy

On Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd September, Scott Beaumont lined up on the gate in Val Di Sole, Italy for the 2022 4X ProTour finals.

The track in Val Di Sole, as always, was immaculate. The separation that the team there had done on the track was incredible and we were excited to get out there.

Riding as well as he ever has, fresh off the back of taking the win at the Malverns Classic Dual Slalom a week earlier, Scott was here to win. 

The week started with a drive over to Italy in the Dethleffs team truck. Arriving on Monday, the team set up the team area and then went to check out the track. With a few great changes, it looked amazing and Scott was excited tfor practice to start on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, the organisers asked Scott and a few others to test the track ahead of official practice on Thursday. Fresh floodlights had been placed on the track so lighting needed to be tested ahead of the event starting. The track was riding brilliant. The best it has ever been. Scott hit all the jumps and looked extremely comfortable out there.

Thursday rolled around and it was qualifying day. A different format at this race would see riders doing 2 qualifying runs. The first run would qualify riders to to round 6 on Friday evening, and the second run would qualify riders to round 7 on Saturday night. Currently ranked number 2 in the 4X ProTour World Rankings, Scott was the penultimate rider to start his single lap of the track. 4X is a brutal sport. Just a single lap determines the top 32 riders to qualify. If you crash, make a mistake or have a technical problem, your race is over before it has even started. It is a pressure cooker for the riders.

Scott was focused and as he left the start looked on point. He looked perfect on track – as good as he ever has. Fast, smooth and precise. Crossing the finish line, he took over the hot seat with the fastest time. With just Tomas Slavik to go, Scott was assured of at least 2nd in qualifying. Slavik put down an awesome lap…..but it wasn’t good enough. For the first time this year, Scott took the fastest time and qualified for Friday nights Round 6 in P1.

There was no time to celebrate though. It was back up to the top for his second run to qualify for round 7. Incredibly, Scott rode an almost identical lap – 18 thousandths of a second slower than his first run. It was good enough for 3rd in qualifying for Saturday night and the 4X ProTour finals – round 7.

Friday Night – 4X ProTour Round 6:

It was time to start racing on Friday night. With thousands of fans rolling into the venue to watch the 4X, the sun set, floodlights came on and everything was ready.

After the first hour of practice Scott had his lines dialled. Passing places, and race plans were set. It was go time.

Scott lined up for his first round on gate 1. He made a perfect start and led the race from start to finish. It was a great start to the evening. Onto the quarter final and again he had gate 1. He made it work perfectly and took the lead into turn 1 – again leading from start to finish.

In the semi final, Scott again took gate 1. He made a great start and led into turn 1. As he drifted out and started to exit the turn another rider took the chance and dived inside. He made it infant of Scott and through came another rider too. Scott in the chaos found himself in 3rd. He regrouped and started closing in. Heading into the lower rock section he set up a passing chance only to have the line cut off by the rider in front. He lost too much speed and unfortunately went out in 3rd position.

All was not over though as the final step of the podium was still there to be won in the small final.

It was at this point that the evening took an awful twist. In the women small final, Czech Republic rider Anna Slancova had an awful crash. Up at the start gate we all knew it was bad. The medics were immediately with her to give on site treatment. It soon became apparent that the injuries sustained were very serious and an air ambulance was on route.

The remaining riders in the women’s final, men’s small final and men’s final were all called together by Scott. Scott is also the 4X ProTour organiser…..

The riders were informed about the seriousness of the crash and the immediate diagnosis of potential injuries that had been sustained. The riders voted 12-0 to immediately stop racing as our thoughts were completely with Anna. 

The race was immediately halted and results were declared using qualification times within the final that riders had reached. With the fastest qualifying time and being in the small final, this placed Scott 5th – purely for the record.

On nights like this, bicycle racing does not matter. All our thoughts, prayers and hearts were with Anna. She was flown to Trento hospital and underwent a 10 hour operation throughout the night. In due course, I am happy to update any of you who want to know more information. Please just ask.

On Saturday morning, all riders who had made the men’s and women’s finals voted again 12-0 to donate all the prize money from Friday night to Anna and her family to help with their costs in the coming weeks. Thank you to Val Di Sole organisers for agreeing to this and facilitating the payment in the next few days.

Saturday night – round 7:

So. After one of the worst race nights ever, a line had to be drawn underneath the events of Friday evening and the show continued on Saturday night with the 4X ProTour finals – round 7. As mentioned earlier Scott had qualified in 3rd and was confident heading into racing.

In the first round he rode an awesome lap. Faultless and took a great win. Into the quarter finals, again he nailed it and took another win to move forward to the semi final.

In the semi final he was up against downhill rider Matt Walker who had qualified 2nd and chose gate 1. Scott was in 2. Erik Emerich in 3 and Leonard Hermes in 4. The gate dropped and Scott had the holeshot. But…. in turn 1 Walker used his downhill skills and cut hard inside to cut Scott off. Through went Walker and Emerich. Scott was off track and scrambling to get going again. He set off in pursuit. It wasn’t enough though. He got onto the back wheel but couldn’t make the pass. Scott finished 3rd and was frustrated. It was so close, but it was into the small final to work out 5th to 8th places.

Wanting to end the year on a high, Scott took the small final by the scruff of its neck and absolutely smashed it. Perfect gate, perfect lap and took the win by a huge margin. It was a brilliant way to end the series. He finished 5th and was content.

“This has been one of the hardest weekends ever for 4X ProTour riders. It was important tonight to draw a line under last night and give the fans a great show tonight. We did that.

I wanted to win. I just left too much space in turn 1 and that’s all he needed in the semi final. Today has been the best I have felt on the bike ever. The set up is perfect and I was fast today. I’m happy to be on the podium and I am stoked to finish the year in 2nd overall. 2nd in the World. I’ve only just remembered. Yesssss. I’m stoked. Thank you to everyone who has supported me this year.”

Emotions were clearly all over the place in the finish area, but yes as Scott mentioned, this result was enough to secure 2nd overall in the 4X ProTour for  Scott. He deserved it. He has ridden amazing all year and we are proud of what he has achieved.

We will be looking towards 2023 and taking that number 1 position in the coming days, but for now it’s time to celebrate an incredible season. Scott Beaumont. World number 2. Absolutely brilliant.

Finally we want to thank all out team partners and sponsors. Without you this incredible performance would not have been possible. We have the best sponsors and an incredible presence at the events. 

We are forever thankful for the opportunities you give us and want to sincerely thank you all.

Malverns Classic Dual Slalom 2022 – Race Report

Last weekend we attended Britains biggest mountain bike festival – The Malverns Classic. Scott has been attending this event since he began his mountain bike career in 1996! He has had some incredible results here over the years and it’s always exciting to be racing in front of fans who don’t necessarily attend many other races during the year!

The team arrived on Thursday to set up their team area ahead of the crowds arriving later that day. The Surf and Turf team tents looked amazing as always! Scott had a look at the dual slalom track ahead of the event on Friday.

Friday morning arrived and it was a full day of dual slalom. Practice in the morning, qualifying after lunch and then the racing later in the day.

This track is a proper old school slalom track. Poles on a grass field. Really simple. The track flowed really well and the riders were having plenty of fun.

Qualifying and it was the classic, one lap, no crap. Qualifying was done on the red lane and there was no room for mistakes. The top 32 would qualify to the racing and with only a couple of seconds separating the top 32, errors would be punished!

Scott put together a great lap. Cautious where he needed to be and fast in the flowing corners. It was good enough for 2nd position. Scott and the team were really happy with that and we headed back to the team tent to prep the race bikes.

Onto the racing. Scott was able to win his opening couple of rounds and was looking confident and in the mood for racing! In the quarter finals, things got interesting. The former Downhill World Cup Champion Josh Bryceland was the opponent.

Scott made a great start and was pushing very hard. He was in the lead when Josh pushed too hard and crashed out. In dual slalom this means a maximum time penalty of 2 seconds is applied for the second run. In the second run, Scott again pushed where he could and held the lead all the way down. It was a great win and he moved on to the semi finals.

In the semi finals it was slopestyle superstar Sam Reynolds as the opponent. Sam was 3rd fastest in qualifying so it was going to be a tough fight.

Scott used the same tactics again. He made a great start and took the lead. In the final turn Sam was trying to catch up and pushed too hard – crashing out. So again, Scott had a 2 second advantage into the second run. In the second run he again held the lead and controlled the race to take the win.

Final time!

In the final, Scott was up against the fastest qualifier Will Soffe – MBUK bike tester. Although Will isn’t a pro rider, he rides bikes every day and is easily as fast as most pro riders in the UK. In run 1 Scott was on the slower blue lane. He made a great start and put together an awesome lap – the fastest on the blue lane all day. Although he took 2nd in the run, it was only 0.135 behind. Knowing he had the faster red lane for the final run, he was extremely confident. 

In the second run he absolutely laid down his best lap of the day. Stormed to the win by over a second and became the 2022 Malverns Classic Dual Slalom Champion.

In the finish area Scott said: 

“That was a tough day! I’ve had so much fun racing today. Simple track and literally full concentration to keep the wheels in line. I felt fast all day and I’m really happy to take the win. I’ve had some tough rounds of racing to make it to the final – racing World Cup DH Champions, Slopestyle Champions and everyone in between! 

I’m buzzing. Now it’s off to Val DI Sole for 4X ProTour finals.”

As Scott mentioned, we had to leave the Malverns Festival on Friday night as we headed straight to Italy for the final 2 rounds of 4X ProTour – the World Series of 4X. Scott is currently sat in 2nd and he is looking to secure 2nd overall in the World for 2022.

Lets see what happens.

Round 6 is on Friday night. Round 7 is on Saturday night.

Update on Monday next week or follow Scott’s social media for updates – @beaumontracing on all platforms.

Thank you to all our team partners for your support in 2022.

Race Report – 4X ProTour Round 5: Eisenhuttenstadt, Germany

The fifth round of the 2022 4X ProTour took place at MSV Bikepark in Germany yesterday. With big crowds watching all weekend, this race is certainly here to stay on the ProTour. The track was huge. Big jumps, high speed and a real challenge for all the riders.

Scott arrived at the track late Thursday evening and was excited to see the new track on Friday for the first official practice session. A track walk revealed just how technical the track was and just how dry the track was! 9 weeks without rain in Eisenhuttenstadt!

On Friday, riders had 2 hours to get to grips with this new challenge. It took Scott most of the session to really dial in the track. Wooded sections, rocks and a wall ride all took some working out. It was huge and a lot to work on to get up to speed. By the end of the session though, Scott was certainly looking quick and we were focused on a great result on Saturday.

Qualifying and the race took place on Saturday, so riders had to be ready for a full day of action. Seeded number 2 into this event, Scott would qualify as the penultimate rider. When qualifying started, the track was perfect – super dry and dusty. It was going to be a fast day. Scott got into the gate, focused and ready to go. Scott put together a great run and was able to hit all his marks. He crossed the line with the 3rd fastest time.

Racing went well for Scott winning his early heats and moving through to the quarter finals. In the quarter final, Scott made an incredible start and managed to get across to lead into turn 1 and then go on to win the race. It was a really impressive ride.

In the semi final Scott now found himself on gate 2. However, he was clearly in the mood. He made a great start and battled down the first straight. After a bump and a bang Scott had to settle into 2nd position. He held his lines well and was able to pull a good lead not the rider in 3rd to secure his spot in the final.

In the final, Scott had gate 3. The gate dropped and Scott was on point. Taking the holeshot, Scott was leading into turn 1 but fastest qualifier Tomas Slavik was holding the inside. With the track curving to the right, Slavik was able to move ahead. Then in turn 2 another rider followed Slavik through pushing Scott to 3rd. He regrouped and attacked hard. Into the wall ride Scott was centimetres away from the pass but then got cut off again. He defended into the final turn and was able to seal 3rd for the event.

In the finish area Scott said: 

“That has been a super tough day on a physical track. I am really happy with 3rd for a couple of reasons. 1 it’s my best result of the year and 2 I was able to beat my closest rivals which moves me back into 2nd overall with 2 rounds to go. It has been a great day of work. Thank you to all my sponsors for their support. We are having an incredible year. Time to finish it with bang.”

The result of 3rd place as mentioned by Scott now moves him into 2nd overall again. There are 2 rounds left and he is certainly fighting for the overall title.

The next round is in Val Di Sole, Italy where we will race the final 2 rounds. The biggest race of the year. Let’s finish this season strong.

Thank you to all our team partners for your support in 2022.

Race Report: 2022 BMX World Championships – Nantes, France

The biggest BMX race of the season is of course the UCI BMX World Championships. An annual event that attracts over 3,000 riders from all around the World and during the course of 1 race, determines who is the best rider in each age category.

As many of you will know, Scott has won the BMX World Championships twice before and has the covered rainbow jerseys hanging proudly in his house. The goal for this year was to add a third title. Very simple!

Our journey began with the most horrific traffic queues to leave the UK. However, after plenty of diversions, lanes and shortcuts, we finally made it onto a ferry and were bound for France. Nantes in the north west was the destination and we were excited to see the track and start practice.

The first practice session was on Sunday. Riders generally get 4 or 5 laps of the track on the first day. Scott was lucky and he managed to position himself in the pens to get that vital extra lap. The track was super technical and fast with huge jumps and berms. Scott loved it and he looked great on track. Things were looking good.

Monday and it was the second practice session. The temperatures were high and the track speed moved up a notch. Lap times were 30 seconds and with so many jumps in that lap on this huge track, we were in for some interesting racing on Friday. Scott ended the session with some gates and full laps with all the jumps dialled, he was ready to race.

Midweek and on Wednesday we had a training session to keep the legs turning. Scott was flying and we were all getting excited about the projects on Friday.

Thursday and a complete day of rest. However. Scott had some shortness of breath. Nothing to worry about but we kept the activity to a minimum to be safe. Some great food and the stage was set.

Friday – Race day:

7.30am and it was final practice. 2 laps to get everything set and then game time. Scott looked ok. Nice and smooth.

First moto. Scott made a bad start and battled through to third. It wasn’t a great start, but there was a long way to go until the final.

Second moto and his start was even worse. He battled hard and could only finish fifth. There was clearly a problem. After this moto Scott met the team in the team area and said he felt weak and had no power. He felt his gates were good but he just wasn’t going forwards at all.

Third moto and it was the same story. A poor start followed by a scrap to finish third. It was enough to qualify through to the eighth finals but things were not looking good.

Onto the eighth final. Now it was straight knockout. Eight riders in a race and just four qualifying to the next round. Scott ended up with gate seven. It was his best gate of the day and he hit the first turn in third. He rode a good lap and crossed the line in third. However, he report back saying the same thing. He felt powerless out of the gate and really slow on track.

Quarter final. In an odd scene of events, Scott had sixth pick of the gate and gate two was available. He obviously went for it. Needing a good start it was full focus. You guessed it. Scott came out of the gate last. He hustled as best he could on track but, as the day had already shown, it wasn’t to be. He crossed the finish line in sixth, utterly dejected.

In the finish area, the confusion was plain to see. Scott said: “The week has gone so well. I felt strong and my lap times were fast. Everything was set. Today, all that has gone. I don’t know where but that is the worst performance I have ever put in at a World Championships. I feel embarrassed, confused and sad that on any other day this week I would have had a chance of winning this race. I feel empty and ill. Something is wrong with me and I want to get home straight away, see my doctors and work out what the hell just happened. I’m sorry to everyone who has supported me this year. This was a very bad day, but I’ll be back.”

In a twist of events, the plan was to travel straight from BMX World Championships to Falmouth in Cornwall where Scott was scheduled to defend his 4X National Championship title. However, on the journey home, Scott became more and more ill, to the point we decided he needed to go straight home and see a doctor. 

We will of course keep you updated with his health as we now look towards the next round of 4X ProTour in Berlin next week. 

Thank you again for your support. As you all know Scott is capable of racing with broken bones and eyes hanging out of his head so as soon as there is a chance of racing, he will be there.

Speak soon.