Race Report – 2021 HSBC British BMX Series Rounds 3 & 4: Gosport, Dorset

The season is in full swing now! Rounds 3 and 4 of the 2021 HSBC British BMX Series took place during the weekend in Gosport, Dorset. 

We arrived on Friday afternoon, set the team tent up and then it was a couple of official practice sessions. Scott looked great on track and quickly got to grips with the technical jumps. The track was relatively short but there was plenty to learn as we hadn’t raced here since 2017.

Saturday: Round 3

Saturday morning rolled around and it was time to go racing. In BMX riders have 3 qualifying races – called motos which qualify riders through to the knockout stages of quarter finals, semi finals and then the final.

Scott’s day got off to the perfect start, taking the win in his first moto. In the second race he finished second and in his final moto he finished third.

Qualifying through to the final, Scott chose gate 4 in the middle of the track. Here a great start is vital. Making his best start of the day start Scott powered down the first straight, just a bit behind the leader. He tucked into 2nd place in turn 1 and set off looking to make the pass. Hounding the leader all the way, Scott couldn’t find a way through so went wide on the last turn to slingshot down the final straight. Unfortunately another rider saw the move and dived inside. Scott bumped bars and it was enough to halt his momentum. He slipped another position on the final straight as all his momentum was lost in the bump. Crossing the line it was 4th for him,

“I am really happy with that race. I gave it my all and today it wasn’t quite enough to take the win. I got bumped in the final turn but it was good, hard racing and thats what I’m here for.” said Scott in the finish area.

Sunday: Round 4

After some great food on Saturday night, a decent sleep, it was time for round 4. Another three qualifying heats and this time Scott was firing taking a win, second and another win qualifying him to the final in the number one position.

In the final Scott had first pick on the start. He loaded up in gate 1. At this track it is a gamble as the track narrows down the first straight. A good gate and you can control the race. A bad gate and you get boxed in. The gate dropped and it wasn’t so much that Scott made a bad gate, indeed it was his second fastest gate all weekend, but the rider next to him made an unbelievable start. Scott was in trouble and got cut off half way down the start straight. Entering turn one in seventh, there was a lot of work to do. Scott started picking riders off one at a time and crossing the finish line he had moved back up to fourth again. 

“That was a tough day, but again, I’m really happy with the podium with my speed and performance. Fourth yesterday and the same today means I leave here holding onto second overall in points and plenty to be happy about” said Scott after the final.

The team now has a weekend off before the British Cycling 4X National Championships which will take place at Redhill in Gloucestershire on 31st July. This is the biggest domestic race of the year and Scott is throwing everything he has at trying to regain the title.

Many thanks to all our team partners for your support.