2019 HSBC 4X National Championships presented by Schwalbe

Saturday 29th June saw team rider Scott Beaumont attempting to make British Cycling history by winning his 10th Elite National Championship title at the amazing track in Afan, South Wales.

A track that has served Scott well over the years, he was fired up and ready to give this everything.

The day started with practice and straight away Scott was looking good. He found a technical line in the pro line that involved taking off from the small line and boosting all the way over to the pro line. It was fast but tricky. By the end of practice he had the track dialled and was ready to qualify.

Next up it was qualifying. Quite literally one lap, no crap. There is no room for error. It has to be perfect or you are packing the bike up and heading home.

Scott seeded as number 1 was the last rider to go. He made a great start and looked pretty good through the top sections. Through the rocks he didn’t hit the right line and again in the last turn he slid a little at the entrance and these little mistakes mounted up to Scott crossing the line in 3rd. 

It wasn’t a perfect start but the team regrouped at the truck and were ready for racing.

In the quarter final, Scott made a great start and checked out. It was a perfect lap and Scott stamped his plans for the day taking an easy win and looking fast.

Onto the semi final. Scott again made a great start and led the race through turn one. On the exit another rider dived to the extreme inside and cut Scott off at the exit. It was a great move but there was no panic. On the second straight Scott was held on the outside as he battled but then in the second turn the other two riders dived inside. There was contact and unfortunately Scott was thrown from his bike landing on his back.

The medics were immediately called as Scott was in considerable pain. He was extensively examined on the track and after 20 minutes he got back to his feet. 

On initial examination, Scott had severely bruised his coccyx and kidney area. Against all doctors orders, Scott managed to drag himself back to the start for the small final. He simply could not even walk but he knew that if he did not ride, he would receive zero UCI World Ranking points. If he got on the gate he would get 8th position and valuable points to his overall.

The gate dropped and Scott literally rolled down the track. Another rider crashed so Scott actually finished 3rd giving him 7th for the day.

It was a bad day at the races and the team are gutted but that’s the nature of 4X and Saturday just wasn’t Scott’s day.

We will be back in 2020 fighting for this title again.

Scott will now undergo treatment all week with Core Clinics as he fixes his lower back with the intention of racing rounds 9 and 10 of the BMX National Series this coming weekend in Glasgow.

We will update you all laster in the week with his progress.

Scott is leaving everything on the line at every race and it’s quite the roller coaster during the course of a season. Thank you for the incredible support.

4X ProTour Round 1: Fort William

Scott Beaumont
Seeding – 4th
Result – 3rd

After an up and down start to the year, Scott Beaumont arrived in Fort William feeling strong and back to full fitness. Round 1 of the 2019 4X ProTour was back in Scotland and thankfully Scott was ready to race.

After signing on, Scott picked up his number plate and all systems were go. Scott was seeded as World number 2 at this race on the recent UCI World rankings and would therefore qualify with the number 66 plate.

The first practice session was held on Thursday under terrible conditions. Heavy rain all day made it horrible outside but actually made the race track fantastic. The sandy nature of the track meant that there was plenty of grip and Scott made the most of this 1.5 hour session dialling his lines ready for qualifying on Friday.

On Friday the weather improved and it was time to qualify. Scott had worked on the fastest line down the hill during practice and he was all set to set a qualifying time.

Qualifying is very simple. One lap, no crap. There is just one chance to qualify in the top 32 riders. A mistake, crash or mechanical and its time to go home.

In the gate, Scott looked calm and focused. The gate dropped and Scott fired down the long first straight. Hitting all his lines and putting together a good run, Scott crossed the finish line with a time that would give him 4th position for the session – 0.4 seconds behind the fastest time.

“Yes I’m happy with that. I had a good run and hit all my marks. The real day is tomorrow and we will be ready to race” said Scott in the finish area.

Race day arrived and thankfully the sun was out. The track dried and conditions were perfect.

During the day Scott did interviews with BBC as well as in front of the huge Fort William crowd ahead of the finals. After a short practice session, the scene was set and it was time to race.

Round 1. Scott chose the inside gate, made a great start and took a commanding lead to win the race, leading from start to finish. 

Quarter Final. In the quarter final, Scott again opted for gate 1. Making a trademark explosive gate, Scott again took the win easily, leading the race from start to finish and opening up a good lead by the finish line.

In the Semi Final, Scott would face his biggest rival, fastest qualifier, Czech Republic rider Tomas Slavik. Slavik chose gate 2. Feeling good with his gate, Scott decided on gate 3 to try and drag race him on the first straight. The gate dropped and Scott made a flier. The two riders went bar to bar on the first straight both ending into the lead at different parts of the first straight. Entering the first turn level, Slavik took the advantage from being inside. Scott settled into second and looked very comfortable.

Exiting the last turn, Scott got an amazing drive and overtook Slavik across the finish line to take the win and book displace in the final as the only unbeaten rider all day.

Final time. In the final Scott had third pick of the gate and he elected to go for gate four. Giving himself space to get a good drive and fast wide line in turn one. 

The commentator had the crowd going wild. All chanting my name, blowing air horns, revving chainsaws and blowing whistles. It was an electric atmosphere.

As the beeps went Scott missed the jump by a fraction and entered turn one wide in fourth. He carried lots of speed and was close to the front guys when disaster happened in turn two with one of the riders crashing out. Scott had to swerve around him and then set off in chase again. 

Sat in third, Scott gained on second but across the finish line he could not get there.

Taking third, Scott was content:

“If you had said to me six weeks ago that I would have finished third here I would not have believed you. I can’t thank Core Clinics enough for the help they have given me in getting back to full fitness. 

This has been a great start for the team in the 2019 4X ProTour and we can definitely build on this going forwards.

Our next race will be the Malverns festival in two weeks time where Scott will be racing Dual Slalom, Quad Eliminator and Downhill over the three day festival weekend.

Hopefully see you all there.

Images – Charles Robertson

HSBC/Schwalbe British 4X Series – Round 3: 417 Project

On Sunday it was time to get back on the 4X bike and begin the defence of Scott’s National Series 4X title at 417 bike park in Gloucestershire. One of Scott’s favourite tracks, it flows well, is lots of fun and is relatively easy so again would provide a great chance for Scott to continue his recovery. Scott’s practice went really well and he certainly looked fast on the track.
Moving into his 3 qualifying races, Scott took the win in his first 2 rides with a 2nd in his final race. This qualified him into the semi final. In the semi final Scott took gate 2 so that he had a bit of space into turn 1. The gate dropped and Scott made his best gate of the day so far. Leading into turn 1 he took off and led the race from start to finish. A great confidence booster, Scott was feeling great heading into the final.
In the final, Scott lined up on gate 2 again. The traffic lights lit and Scott made his best gate of the day. Leading into turn 1, again just like the semi final, Scott checked out. It was a flawless final and an impressive win.
Clearly very happy with the win, Scott told us in the finish area: “It’s been a tough 7 weeks but to come back and win this 4X race is amazing. I have to thank Stefaan Vossen at Core Clinics, Brian Simpson laser treatment and all the staff at Worcester hospital. They have fixed me up in half the time it should have taken and so now we are heading to Fort William 4X ProTour ready to fight for the World title. The race today was great. I felt good on the bike and I am very happy to have won the final. The level of the elite class is so high and winning is extremely hard. It’s back home now to train and focus on Fort William.”
As Scott mentioned in his post race interview, our next event is Fort William where Scott will begin his 2019 4X ProTour campaign. We are home now and training hard in preparation for this huge event. As ever, we want to thank you all for your support in 2019. We could not do this without you. See you at the Fort. USN Racing.

HSBC British BMX Series – Round 5: Birmingham

It was an extremely busy weekend for Scott Beaumont as his comeback from injury continues.

On Saturday we raced the 5th round of the HSBC British BMX Series and on Sunday we raced the 3rd round of the HSBC/Schwalbe British 4X Series.

HSBC British BMX Series Round 5 – Birmingham

So just 7 weeks on from breaking his left radius, Scott was back on the BMX bike in his preparations for the World Championships in Belgium at the end of July.

Practice went well and Scott was looking like he hadn’t been away. Scott did have a little pain in his arm, but that is to be expected at this stage of the recovery.

Scott rode well in his motos with a 4th, 2nd and 1st place rides to qualify for the semi final.

In the semi final Scott made a good start and tucked into 2nd position. He held on to the finish line and made it into the final.

The final is still being talked about today and we will be able to show you in our team edit mid week.

Scott made a good start and got to the first turn in 2nd. He then dived inside to try and take the lead. On the exit of the turn he sat in 2nd and carried good speed on the second straight. Into the second tun Scott was being held out wide, which allowed another rider up the inside. Scott hit the brakes and dived to the inside of the turn. On the exit Scott took the lead and was on course to take the win but in the final turn another rider dived inside moving Scott to the outside.

Scott lost momentum and unfortunately faded to 4th on the last straight. It was a real case of close but no cigar, but another good step on the road to recovery from his arm injury.

European 4X Series Round 1 – Film

Here is the edit I have made from European 4Cross Series Round 1 in Reutlingen, Germany last week.
My comeback race after injury, I simply wanted to finish top 30. I had no idea where I was and just needed to get on a bike ahead of 4X Pro Tour in Fort William.
In the end the race went really well apart from a mistake in the semi final…….

European 4X Series Round 1

Well it has been an incredible 6 weeks where we are now excited to tell you that we are going racing again.

After initially being told that he would not be able to even use his left arm for 12 weeks, USN team rider Scott Beaumont has been working closely with team partners Core Clinics, has had laser surgery with Brian Simpson and has been re tabbing every single day to get back to racing as soon as possible. 

Defying all the odds, Scott is now on route to round 1 of the European 4X Series which takes place this weekend in Stuttgart, Germany.

We are back in the gate this weekend

European 4X Series
So after meetings, scans, x-rays and consultations earlier this week, the team have made the decision to attend round 1 of the 2019 European 4X Series in Stuttgart, Germany. 

Scott is confident in the feeling he has in his left arm and is looking forward to racing on Saturday.

The team are currently on the road in the team Dethleffs truck on their way to the channel tunnel.

Scott is back on a bike this weekend

We just want to thank all our team partners and sponsors for their constant support over the last 6 weeks. We simply could not do this without you.

Scott has worked tirelessly over the last 6 weeks to get back on track and represent his sponsors at the highest level.

Here’s to a successful 2019. So far we have a national win and a broken bone. We are looking forward to plenty more wins!

HSBC British BMX Series Rounds 1 & 2 – Manchester

Round 1 – Saturday
So after a long winter, we were ready and Scott lined up for his qualifying races.

No matter how many times we have been here before, the nerves are always there. Until the gate drops no one knows where we are going to be. 

Sure enough the gate dropped and Scott took the holeshot. Leading the race from start to finish, Scott continued to extend his lead all the way around the track. It was a perfect start and filled the team with confidence.

In his next two qualifying races, Scott again dominated from start to finish and went into the knockout rounds unbeaten.

Scott leading a moto

Onto the final and Scott was feeling confident. He chose gate 1 to give the inside into turn 1. The gate dropped and Scott made a perfect start, attacked the first jump and took the lead. Exiting the first turn, Scott hit the afterburners and pulled a comfortable lead. He rode a perfect lap and crossed the finish line with a 10 bike length lead to take the win at round 1 and score maximum points.

After the final Scott said:
“We have trained hard all winter and today has been a great test for us to see where we are at. A perfect day and I am very happy to take the win.”

Scott taking the win

Round 2 – Sunday
After a perfect start on Saturday, Sunday started out much the same when Scott won his first moto. In the second moto he didn’t make a great start and battled another rider down the first straight. In the first turn, Scott found himself on the outside but still carrying good speed for the second straight.

On the exit of the first turn, the rider on the inside drifted wide and the on the take off of a double exiting the first turn, both riders made contact. Scott was thrown off the side of the track and ended up landing on the take off to another jump on another straight. Going from 30 mph to zero it was like a car crash and Scott was badly winded for about a minute. The medical team were with him instantly and attending to his injuries. Scott was complaining about his left arm, right shoulder and his back. Clearly in pain the decision was made to get Scott straight to hospital.

Scott being tended to by medics at the scene

On arrival in hospital, Scott was immediately rushed through A&E into scans and x rays to assess the injuries.

Things quickly escalated in hospital

The diagnosis was a broken radius in his left arm and a separated right shoulder with some severe whiplash as well. Quite a result considering the impact that he had.

Scott stayed in hospital for a total of three nights and had an operation to plate his left radius with seven screws.

One broken radius

Scott left hospital and he has been busy on the recovery trail ever since.

Working with team partners Core Clinics, receiving Laser surgery on his broken radius and pushing his limits every day we are very happy to say that he is well on the road to recovery. 

We anticipate he will be back racing in the next few weeks at the start of May. The good news is he will miss 2 or 3 races in total so that will be much better than the initial 12 weeks minimum that was suggested by doctors!

All fixed!

Finally we just want to thank all our team partners. As you all know it is rare that Scott has any big crashes but when he does, it is re assuring to have such amazing support from our partners so that Scott can just concentrate on his recovery.

We will update you again in the next week or so with a return date when we will hopefully see him back on the top step of the podium and continuing where he left off after round 1 of the BMX National Series in Manchester.

Speak Soon.

USN Racing.