4X ProTour Round 1 – Roquebrune, France

Well the winter months are finally over and the 2017 season is here. Scott’s preparation has been perfect and we are now on route to round 1 of the 4X ProTour being held in Roquebrune, France.

Coming into this season as UCI World Number 1, Scott is looking for consistency to work towards the overall 4X ProTour title.

The track in France was a bitter sweet pill to swallow for Scott last year as a mistake whilst leading cost him a shot at the race win. He is looking for a solid start to his campaign this year.

With some fresh sponsors on board for the 2017 campaign the team are motivated and ready to race.

Arriving on Wednesday afternoon, we went to look at the track. Located at the heart of the new Azur Bike Park, what has been created is amazing. Built on the side of a mountain, the track winds its way through huge berms, multi lines, and some of the biggest jumps in the 4X ProTour into the finish arena. There were several changes to the track, with more width on the first two straights, fresh berms added and a new section into the tree line.

Open practice during round 1 of The 4X Pro Tour at Azur Bike Park, Roquebrne, French Riviera, France on April 06 2017. Photo: Charles A Robertson

The track in Roquebrune overlooks the French Riviera coastal town of St Maxime, so as well as being an amazing track, the views are incredible. The longest track currently used on the 4X ProTour this year, at around 50 seconds this was going to be a wild race.

On Wednesday evening, we headed over to St Maxime BMX track for their club night. After a full day of driving to the South of France, a trip to one of Scott’s favorite BMX tracks to unwind was perfect. The track is amazing and together with team photographer Charles Robertson, Scott had a play on the track and we got some great shots.

Thursday was the first official day of training at the 4X track. After a track walk, it was time to get started. Working on the top half of the track initially Scott worked on set up and looked at home straight away. The track was in immaculate condition and allowed the riders to really push hard. The racing was certainly going to be quick come race time.

Open practice during round 1 of The 4X Pro Tour at Azur Bike Park, Roquebrne, French Riviera, France on April 06 2017. Photo: Charles A Robertson

In the afternoon we were lucky enough to have a couple of hours where we were able to visit Monaco to have a look round. The formula 1 track was just being built with grandstands and the pit lane garages all under construction. Quite a sight!


On to Friday training and Scott focused on the bottom half of the track and his tyre choice for the weekend. Another 3 hours of track time and confidence was building nicely into the weekend. In the afternoon we visited St Tropez for a quick walk around some super yachts!

Friday practice during round 1 of the 4X Pro Tour at Azur Bike Park, Rocqbrune, , France on April 07 2017. Photo: Charles A Robertson

Saturday morning and it was game time. After a two hour practice session it was qualifying. In the two hours Scott simply did full runs to prepare for the one lap of qualifying. Using all the outside lines and carrying speed we were looking for a top 3 and the first points of the year.

With Scott being the UCI World number 1 4X rider, he went last. With only one rider going below 45 seconds, the job was simple. Get a 44 point something and he would be in the top two. With a perfect qualifying lap, that’s exactly what Scott did. Stopping the clock at 44.89 it was good enough for second position.

Open practice and Qualification during round 1 of the 4X Pro Tour at Azur Bike Park, Rocqbrune, , France on April 08 2017. Photo: Charles A Robertson

On Saturday night, the organisers hosted a BBQ for all the riders. It was great to socialise with everyone and catch up on what everyone had been doing over winter. An early night for the team to get ready for race day.

Sunday morning and there was a two hour practice session. With no track changes, Scott did a couple of practice starts then two full runs and with over an hour remaining, he decided to save his energy for the racing.

At 14.00 the racing started. Scott took the win in his first two rounds and was looking fast, backing up his qualifying ride. In the quarter final, he made a perfect start and again led the race from start to finish with no problems. Onto the semi final and this looked tougher. Scott again made a perfect start and battled bar to bar into turn one defending and holding his line to lead the race. From here Scott pulled away and took a convincing win.

Open practice and finals action during round 1 of the 4X Pro Tour at Azur Bike Park, Rocqbrune, , France on April 09 2017. Photo: Charles A Robertson

Final time. Scott was in gate two. Making a good gate Scott again went bar to bar with both riders either side of him and unfortunately this time he got squeezed into turn 1. Re grouping and starting the charge from fourth, Scott rode hard all the way down the track and dived inside on the final turn but unfortunately he could not get the bike turned enough to make the pass stick.

Fourth position for Scott and some good points to start his 2017 4X ProTour campaign. Scott really felt like this was the race that got away though and is now heading home to continue his preparation for the next round at Winterberg, Germany on May 26th.

Open practice and finals action during round 1 of the 4X Pro Tour at Azur Bike Park, Rocqbrune, , France on April 09 2017. Photo: Charles A Robertson

We want to thank all the team sponsors for helping us put together an amazing package that is allowing Scott to ride at his absolute maximum.

Friday practice during round 1 of the 4X Pro Tour at Azur Bike Park, Rocqbrune, , France on April 07 2017. Photo: Charles A Robertson


Until next time.




Scott Beaumont signs contract with Fuchs Silkolene

We are delighted to announce that Scott Beaumont and the USN Racing team have just signed a contract with Fuchs Silkolene that will see the team using Fuchs Silkolene lubricants and cleaning products for the 2017 race season.

Scott Beaumont said:

“Attracting the attention of a Worldwide company like Fuchs Silkolene and adding them to our partners for 2017 is something that we are extremely proud of at USN Racing.

We only want to work with the best products, so when Fuchs Silkolene approached us it was a ‘no brainer’ and within a very short meeting the deal was agreed.

We look forward to working with Fuchs Silkolene for many years to come.”

Joost Van Genderen, head of motorcycle at Fuch Silkolene commented:

“For us at FUCHS SILKOLENE we are extremely pleased and proud to be able to work with Scott for the 2017 season.

Scott will represent our brand at the very highest level and we are sure increase the profile of our SILKOLENE CYCLE range to a whole new audience across the world.”

More information:

To find out more about Scott and his plans for 2017, check out these links:


To find out more about Fuchs Silkolene, follow these links:



UCI World Number 1

Happy New Year everyone.

We hope you have had a great festive season.

All going well here as we get ready for the 2017 season. The year has already got off to a great start as we ended 2017 as UCI World Ranked Number 1, which is great and has given not just Scott but the whole team a nice boost through the winter months.

Scott is hard at work in the gym and on his bike as we prepare for the race season.

See you all trackside in 2017.

Screen Shot 2017-01-29 at 20.36.41

Screen Shot 2017-01-29 at 20.37.06

4X ProTour finals – Roquebrune, France

Last weekend we travelled down to the South of France for the final round of the 2016 4X ProTour which was held in the town of Roquebrune. Overlooking the fabulous French Mediterranean coastline, the views from the track were incredible. Blue skies met up with blue seas all broken up by a few multi million euro boats sailing around! It was a picturesque end to the 2016 4X ProTour and this new track was certainly a welcome addition to the ProTour.

We arrived on Thursday and headed straight to the track to take a look. It was incredible. Created on the hillside, as we drove to the venue we could see just how much work had gone into this track. Sculptured into the hill it looked great. We walked the track and were stunned at just how steep, rocky and loose it was. It truly was a ProTour track and I couldn’t wait to get riding. As we walked further down onto the last straight, we found a huge step down.It was 45 feet and 20 feet vertical drop! Intimidating but the run in would give you plenty of speed.

Official practice did not start until Friday, so after the long drive I wanted to turn my legs and have a play on the bikes. We drove just 10 minutes to one of my favorite BMX tracks in the world – St Maxime. We had a great session there, taking a few photos and loosening up.


On Friday we started practice. The track was super loose and after talking to the organisers we found out why! There had not been any rain in this area since May! It was dry and dusty which made a welcome change! The track was tough. The steepness meant that the corners were going to be vital. It was a case of braking hard then slamming the turns. We spent 2 hours working on the track, then practice was over.

After practice we had an afternoon free. What bester way to spend it than a sightseeing tour of Monaco! There just happened to be the annual Yacht show on that afternoon so we spent a few hours checking out multi million euro yachts!


Saturday rolled around and it was the next practice session and qualifying. As Current UCI world number 1 I was very happy to be riding with the number 1 plate!

Practice went well and I felt like I was riding good. The qualification run was at 15.05. After some USN re fuelling, we were ready.

The qualification run went ok. To be honest, on the bike it felt good, but at the finish, the time was just a bit slow. I qualified 10th, my worst qualifying of the year, but after looking at the split times, I knew where I had made mistakes. With another practice session on Sunday we knew what we had to work on.

Race Day:

So race day rolled around and it was for the final time in 2016. I had a couple of goals. Currently I was sat in 4th overall in the 4X ProTour. I wanted to hold on to that position. I couldn’t move forward but I could slip to 7th. I was also leading the 2016 UCI World Rankings. I wanted to go into winter holding on to both of these positions.

My draw looked good. I was happy with the races and knew I could make it to the final. I worked on my mistakes from qualifying and went into the race extremely confident. Lining up in my first heat against riders who qualified 7th, 23rd and 26th. I had 2nd gate pick and went for gate 2. The beeps went and I fired out of the gate in the lead. Moving over in turn 1 to protect the inside I started to pull away. Heading into the penultimate turn, I slipped in the turn a little and dabbed a foot. Immediately after the turn was a sequence of double jumps and rollers before the huge step down. I didn’t have time to get my foot in the pedal and headed down the straight with one foot unclipped. Trying my best to get the foot in, a big gust of side wind put me off balance and I hit the brakes. There was no way I was going to take off that huge jump in a cross wind with one foot unclipped. At this moment the 3 guys behind me all flew past me as I rode around the drop off. At this moment I also felt the rear tyre was flat. It was a catalogue of problems that unfortunately meant that I was out in the first round of racing.

I finished 26th – my worst ever result and I think you can see in the image above just how gutted I was as I rolled across the finish line. In fact gutted doesn’t even come close to how I felt. As the racing continued though, the results started to look like it may go my way though. When all was done and dusted, somehow, I had been able to hang on to 4th overall in the 2016 4X ProTour. From the dissapointment earlier this was a bit of a pick up.

At the end of the racing we had the overall podiums. Tomas Slavik taking the win, Felix Beckeman 2nd, Quentin Derbier in 3rd, me 4th and Simon Waldburger in 5th. Quentin was not present as he is recovering from an injury.

So that was it for the 2016 4X ProTour. I would like to thank all of the team sponsors for their support. We could not do this without your help. The fans who support all the 4X athletes in what we do and the organisers for creating tracks that continue to challenge us.

A small break now for me then straight back into 2017 preparation. Updates soon.


All photos by Charles Robertson

4X World Championships 2016 – Val Di Sole, Italy

Good morning all. We have just returned from the 2016 UCI 4X World Championships, which were held over the weekend at Val Di Sole, Italy. 

The track which is located high in the mountains in Northern Italy is one of Scott’s favourites. With several podiums before, Scott was confident and ready for battle.

Here is the story and photos from the whole event. Enjoy.

Practice – Day 1:

The week started off with practice session 1. With the weather perfect and the track in pristine condition, the gate opened and riders got practice underway. The track in Val Di Sole is loose due to the conditions being so consistently dry. Huge 180 degree corners offer plenty of line choices whilst the huge jumps and rocks offer the technical challenge to the riders.

Right from the word go, Scott was looking great. He was fast and precise and certainly looking in the mood for a great result. The practice session lasted for 1.5 hours and afterwards Scott was happy: 

‘I love this track and I think it is in the best shape it has ever been in’. It was time for some food and a chance to reflect on the session and prepare for the next day and qualifying.

Practice & Qualifying – Day 2:

Day 2 arrived and it was an hour long practice session followed by qualifying. This session sees the riders going for full runs and using predominantly outside lines as they search for the fastest line down the 45 second track.

Scott again looked good and he was extremely focused on getting a good qualifying time to give himself the best possible chance come race time.

Practice finished and Scott began his warm up for his qualifying run. The ruthless format of 4X meant that only 32 riders would qualify. With 45 of the World’s best riders lining up, 13 would unfortunately not make it past the qualifying stage. The pressure was on all the riders to not make a mistake.

Scott was the fourth rider to leave the start gate. With a perfect snap, he was on track and looking great. Nailing every line perfectly and carrying really good speed; the run looked great. Across the finish line and Scott took the lead. He was happy with the run and said:

‘It was a good run. I was a little cautious in the top turns as they are so loose but overall I am happy with it. I want to be in the top 3.’

That wish ultimately came true with only 2 other riders going faster – Tomas Slavik from the Czech Republic and Hannes Slavik (no relation) from Austria.

3rd position for Scott in qualifying and a great opportunity for the inside gate positions for racing.

Media – Day 3:

The race was scheduled to take place at 20.45 so Scott had the day to walk the track and focus on the job in hand. Some good food and plenty of USN hydration during the day meant he was ready for action. Of course in between were some TV interviews and media commitments!

Race – Day 3:

So all the preparation, all the planning and all the training came down to this. Race time. Scott’s draw was tough, but at World Championships every race is tough and if he wanted to be World Champion, he would have to prove it by beating the World’s best riders along the way.

The floodlights were on and there were thousands of spectators lining the track. The atmosphere was incredible with horns, whistles and chainsaws making all the noise. Everything was set. Race time.

In Scott’s first race he would take on some of the best European 4X riders including last year’s World Champion – Aiko Gohler. The gate drooped and Scott took the lead. Pulling away by the last straight Scott had a huge lead and took a convincing win.

Round 2 and another tough race for Scott. Defending Champion Aiko Gohler, last year’s bronze medalist Benedikt Last and one of the World’s fastest BMX riders, Sylvain Andre. Scott made a great gate, but got jumped in the first turn. Staying strong in turn 2 Scott then received a huge bang from Andre. Staying on the bike Scott was in second and got the hammer down, pulling away and qualifying through no problem. There was a scare in turn 2 but Scott held it together to qualify.

Scott was straight back to the start for the semi finals. In gate 1 would be Hannes Slavik, Scott was in 2, USA BMX rider Barry Nobles in 3 and Benedikt Last in 4. The gate dropped and Scott was level with Slavik and Nobles. Slavik then just moved across enough to give Scott no space so he dropped back and cut up the inside in turn one. The move was so close to working, but unfortunately Scott found himself in last position. Losing a lot of ground, Scott re grouped and began his charge back from 10 bike lengths behind third position. 

In what was probably one of the rides of the night, Scott made up the ground he had lost along the final two straights. Powering along the flat straight, railing the turn and riding the rocks faster than any other rider all night, Scott bumped Nobles in the last turn but unfortunately it wasn’t enough. Scott crossed the line in third and the World Champion dream was over. Absolutely distraught in the finish, Scott was clearly gutted. However, at World’s riders have to regroup and head up the hill to determine 5th to 8th places in the small final.

The small final lined up on the gate. Scott took gate 1, USA’s Blake Carney in 2, Benedikt Last in 3 and Slovenia’s Mitja Ergaver in 4. Scott was in the gate, then there was a commotion behind him. In the other semi final Tomas Slavik, fastest qualifier had cut the lines out of the start and had been demoted to the small final. There were arguments and discussions for 10 minutes as he argued the case, but in the end Ergaver went to the main final and Slavik was in the small final.

Scott calmly sat there and kept his head. The gate dropped and Slavik took the holeshot from Scott in 2nd. Scott was tracking his back wheel lining up a pass in turn 5,  but he didn’t have to as in turn 4 Tomas crashed out of the race. Scott was committed to the huge pro doubles and had to pull up with everything he had on the first one. He cased that and then had to pull left out of the section as he did not have enough speed. Benedikt Last jumped into the lead at this point. Scott in a move similar to his semi final again carried huge amounts of speed into the rocks and simply did not brake. He rode around Last and took the lead, held his line in the final turn and took the win to give him 5th position at the 2016 4X World Championships.

In an incredible final, it was Slovenia’s Mitja Ergaver who took the win after qualifying 21st! It again went to show that 4X is an incredible sport and predicting a winner is extremely tough! 

After the race Scott was able to take loads of selfies with the fans and chat to the media about the race. He came to Italy to win, but 5th in the World is something that the team are extremely proud of.

British BMX Series Rounds 11 & 12 – Telford

What a fantastic weekend of racing in Telford for rounds 11 and 12 of the British BMX Series. The weather was dry all weekend however on Sunday the wind really became a factor with gales overnight causing havoc in the team area with tents ripped from their pegs. However, it stayed warm and dry all weekend and the track was amazing.

Practice was on Friday night and Scott was feeling great. This is Scott’s home track and he was having fun. The track was perfect and everything was set for a great weekend of racing.



Saturday morning arrived and Scott was able to get 4 laps of practice ahead of the racing which began at 12. Feeling great in his mottos Scott took 3 wins and transferred as the top qualifier through to the final.


In the final Scott took the favoured gate 1. He made the snap and led the race into turn 1. Michael Smart then cut back in turn 1 and the pair were level along the second straight. Scott then inched ahead into turn 2 to lead again but Smart cut back and they were level again on the third straight. In the last turn they both railed it at warp speed and onto the last straight they were level again. Across the finish line no one knew who won. It was a photo finish but by half an inch Smart took the win with Scott in second. It was the race of the day if not the weekend!





Sunday rolled around and so did the wind! Gale force gusts were making riding tricky, but again Scott was looking fairly comfortable and ready to race. In his motos Scott again took 3 wins. A good psychological win in his second race as he went head to head with Smart again and in an almost identical re run of Saturdays final, the pair needed to separated by a photo finish again! This time Scott taking the win.

Onto the semi finals and Scott took gate 1. With a great start Scott led the race from start to finish to book his place in the final.

So it was final time. Scott again chose gate 1. Making a perfect gate Scott led into turn 1. This time he moved a little wider and held a great line in turn 1 carrying full speed onto the second straight. Already with a small lead Scott was hitting the jumps and turns perfect and continued to build his lead the whole way around the track. Crossing the finish line, Scott took the win.

Immediately after the final Scott said: ‘This has been a great weekend. The Telford club have organised an amazing race and I am stoked to have been able to race at this home track. I am really happy with my riding over the weekend. Michael Smart has been a great opponent all weekend and it was great to show everyone some amazing battles on the track with not one bit of contact. That’s how it should be and I look forward to battling Michael again in 2017.’


Images by 2024 Magazine