British BMX Series Rounds 11 & 12 – Telford

What a fantastic weekend of racing in Telford for rounds 11 and 12 of the British BMX Series. The weather was dry all weekend however on Sunday the wind really became a factor with gales overnight causing havoc in the team area with tents ripped from their pegs. However, it stayed warm and dry all weekend and the track was amazing.

Practice was on Friday night and Scott was feeling great. This is Scott’s home track and he was having fun. The track was perfect and everything was set for a great weekend of racing.



Saturday morning arrived and Scott was able to get 4 laps of practice ahead of the racing which began at 12. Feeling great in his mottos Scott took 3 wins and transferred as the top qualifier through to the final.


In the final Scott took the favoured gate 1. He made the snap and led the race into turn 1. Michael Smart then cut back in turn 1 and the pair were level along the second straight. Scott then inched ahead into turn 2 to lead again but Smart cut back and they were level again on the third straight. In the last turn they both railed it at warp speed and onto the last straight they were level again. Across the finish line no one knew who won. It was a photo finish but by half an inch Smart took the win with Scott in second. It was the race of the day if not the weekend!





Sunday rolled around and so did the wind! Gale force gusts were making riding tricky, but again Scott was looking fairly comfortable and ready to race. In his motos Scott again took 3 wins. A good psychological win in his second race as he went head to head with Smart again and in an almost identical re run of Saturdays final, the pair needed to separated by a photo finish again! This time Scott taking the win.

Onto the semi finals and Scott took gate 1. With a great start Scott led the race from start to finish to book his place in the final.

So it was final time. Scott again chose gate 1. Making a perfect gate Scott led into turn 1. This time he moved a little wider and held a great line in turn 1 carrying full speed onto the second straight. Already with a small lead Scott was hitting the jumps and turns perfect and continued to build his lead the whole way around the track. Crossing the finish line, Scott took the win.

Immediately after the final Scott said: ‘This has been a great weekend. The Telford club have organised an amazing race and I am stoked to have been able to race at this home track. I am really happy with my riding over the weekend. Michael Smart has been a great opponent all weekend and it was great to show everyone some amazing battles on the track with not one bit of contact. That’s how it should be and I look forward to battling Michael again in 2017.’


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4X ProTour – Jablonec, Czech Republic

4X ProTour – Jablonec, Czech Republic

We have just returned from a roller coaster of a weekend in Jablonec, Czech Republic – venue for round 3 of the 2016 4X ProTour. 

Famed for the ‘Marosi Wall ride pass’; this track has it all. Gap jump from the start, huge jumps, wooded section full of roots and rocks, wall ride and technical jumps that really catch the riders out. It is the ultimate 4X challenge.

The event was scheduled to start on Thursday with practice. Unfortunately torrential rain all day meant that this session was cancelled and moved to an extended session on Friday. The track guys worked tirelessly throughout the night to get the track ready for practice on Friday and qualifying. On Thursday there was the opening ceremony in the centre of Jablonec town with the mayor giving out the number plates to the top ranked riders, along with interviews with them all in front of huge crowds. The atmosphere and expectation for the race was already bubbling with the locals, and it was great to see the whole city getting behind the event. 

Friday Practice and Qualifying:

On Friday the practice session was extended to 3 hours to give the riders plenty of time to get to grips with this extremely challenging track. Throughout the session the track dried out and by the time qualifying rolled around the track was in great condition. Scott was riding well, but like the majority of riders he was having trouble with the wet track and cross winds on the huge double jumps. 

In his qualifying run a slip made him elect to miss the huge doubles and instead carry speed around them. The rest of the run was really fast but that slip left Scott in 9th position. 

Saturday – Race Day

Saturday morning and thankfully the sun decided to make an appearance. The temperature was rising and the track was quickly drying. The final practice session started and the crowds were building. The crowds turned up in their thousands. At an estimate there were 10,000 passionate Czech 4X fans all with air horns, flags and whistles. There was a true party atmosphere and this was going to be a fantastic night of action. Scott spent the final practice session getting his lines dialled. He felt much quicker on Saturday so was confident heading into racing. 

Racing rolled around and Scott was ready. In his first round he made a good gate and was in the thick of the action. In turn 1 there was some bumping though and on the exit Scott found himself in 3rd. No panicking, Scott set his passing move up entering the woods. In the mid section he dived inside and on the exit had moved neatly into 2nd. Gaining on the leader across the finish line Scott almost made he pass for the win but settled into 2nd. Everything was going great and Scott moved into the quarter finals. In the quarter again Scott made a great start but some more bumping in turn 1 left Scott again in 3rd. Charging on the lower sections Scott was on the back wheel of the rider in 2nd but this time could not find a way through. 3rd place in the quarter final and Scott finished his night off in 10th overall. 

Not a great result by any means but this is a top 10 score which could be vital at the final round towards the overall rankings. 

4X ProTour now takes a break and Scott’s next 4X race will be the 2016 4X World Championships which will be held in Val Di Sole, Italy on September 10th. 

In the meantime this coming weekend sees Scott back on the small bike as he competes in the final 2 rounds of the British BMX Series.

All Images – Charles Robertson

4X National Championships 2016

Well what a weekend in Wales. Moelfre was the venue for the 2016 4X National Championships. Organised alongside a round of the British Downhill Series, it was once again great to see these two disciplines united to provide a great weekend of entertainment for the fans.

Friday – Practice:

Friday’s practice session went perfect for Scott. After winning the title here in 2015 he has fond memories of this track, and after some changes had been made to it ahead of the 2016 Championships, Scott was at home straight away and was up to speed quickly. The changes were good to the track and heading away after practice, Scott was in confident mood.

Saturday – Race Day:

So it was time for business. The second practice session went well as Scott raised the tempo and started to focus on the speed he would need to bring home the title again.

The competition was going to be tough. The top 4 from last year were here – Nathan Parsons, Alex Metcalfe and Luke Cryer. The in form Duncan Ferris and Will Evans. Plus it was amazing to see Will Longden racing again along with downhillers Phil Atwill and Craig Evans.

The first hurdle would be qualifying. With turn one being close to the start gate, gate choice would be critical, so Scott wanted to qualify well to give himself the best chance.

Scott was the last rider to qualify (as defending Champion). The gate dropped and Scott was flying. Nailing all his lines, he looked quick. Across the finish line and it was a great run, taking the fastest qualifying time and the vital lane choice.

Day 2 practice and qualifying during round 2 of  during The 4X Pro Tour at Nevis Range, Fort William, Scotland, United Kingdom on June 04 2016. Photo: Charles A Robertson


So it was Showtime. Scott took the win in his opening races and was confident heading into the quarter final. Choosing gate one, he exploded out of the gate and was able to comfortably take the win in his quarter.

Onto the semi final. The pressure was on all the riders. This was it. Top two to transfer to the final. Again Scott made a great start and was away. Leading from start to finish, he booked his place in the final.

So it was final time. Choosing gate one. Luke Cryer in two, Duncan Ferris in three and James Whitby in four. The gate dropped and Scott took the holeshot. Riding the best lap of his day, Scott continually pulled a lead and stretched the gap in every corner and over every jump. Crossing the finish line to take the win, the emotion was evident:

“Winning this race means so much to me. That was the fastest lap of my night and I am happy to have put it together in the final. Thank you to all my sponsors for their support, the fans who were cheering and the organisers for putting on a great event. Let’s go and spray the champagne”!



Scott Beaumont – 4X ProTour – Fort William – Race Report

Last weekend, Scott had one of his most important races on the 2016 calendar. The 4X ProTour round in Fort William, Scotland. Held as part of the Fort William Downhill World Cup weekend, this event attracts thousands of fans who flock to the Scottish Highlands to watch 4X ProTour, Downhill World Cup and the impressive side events.

The race had a good entry, so when practice started the track had a constant flow of riders as everyone got to grips with it. The weather was dry and sunny. In fact that doesn’t do it justice. In 15 years of travelling to Scotland for this race we have never seen it as dry! Dusty and hot almost made the track too dry – now there’s something we never thought we would say in Fort William! The sun was shining and the track was absolutely perfect.

Scott has had some great results here in the past and always rides his track well so we were confident heading into qualifying.

With all the top riders injury free, this year’s 4X ProTour looked set to be one of the best ever. With 10 of the elite men riders all more than capable of taking wins and the overall title, the strength in depth of 4X ProTour is now better than ever. Scott knows that consistency will be the key and was looking for a decent qualifying to set up his race night.



In his qualifying run, visually, Scott looked one of the quickest on course and as he crossed the finish line the time agreed placing Scott in 4th position. Happy with the run Scott said:

“I made a great start and rode all the lines well. I was a little conservative through the rocks, but generally I am happy with the run”.

Race Day:

Race day rolled around and the weather continued to be kind to Fort William. Blazing temperatures and blue skies set the racing up perfectly! The Yeti race bikes were prepped and Scott was ready. Winning his first 2 rounds of racing Scott was looking good. In his quarter final Scott made a great gate and led the race into turn 1. Through the rocks he had a scary moment, but recovered to take the win.


Semi Final:

In the semi final, Scott opted for the slightly smoother gate 3. The gate dropped and he was level into turn 1. Having to settle into 2nd position on the 2nd straight, Scott looked comfortable and crossed the finish line in 2nd. It means so much to Scott to make the podium at this race and again for the 3rd year in a row Scott was guaranteed a top 4 position.



Scott was very happy to choose gate 4 in the final. The same gate as he used in 2015. He wanted a clean run down the first straight and would make his move on the 2nd straight. The gate dropped and all 4 riders were level. Heading into turn 1, the rider next to Scott had the same idea and ran wide in the berm. This left Scott with no where to go and he had to back off. Heading into turn 2 though Scott was close again and railed the outside of the turn. Into the rocks 3 of the riders including Scott came together. Scott got into trouble in the rocks and lost some ground. In the last turn though he was able to salvage a good result when a front flat for another rider gave him 3rd position.

It wasn’t Scott’s best race, but he was very happy with the other races he had on the night:

“I am happy with 3rd. Of course I came here to win and the crowd were going crazy in the final, but I just found myself in trouble in turn 1 and it was hard to come back from that. Some good points towards the overall and we will continue working ahead of the next race in Czech Republic”. Said Scott in the finish area.